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My Pass Rate; in 2019 out of the final 13 candidates in the run out to Christmas 11 of them passed.

I do not claim to be the cheapest driving instructor in the Lancaster and Morecmbe area, but if you buy cheap lessons, that is exactly what you will get, cheap lessons.

Don´t be misled by headline cheap rates, they will cost you a lot more in the long run if you take several attempts to pass.

Driving is one of the most important LIFE skills, good training influences the decisions we make at the wheel.

In 2019, 11 of the final 13 candidates passed I had a...


(The National average is around 44%)

These are the figures that matter.

High quality driving lessons with professional female instructor in and around the Lancaster and Morecambe area. All tuition conforms to the National Standard for driver and rider training.

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